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Recruitment is like dating

  • 3 min read
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It’s all about finding the right person to meet the job and culture requirements but at the end of the day, you have to like each other and build an honest relationship for anything to turn into a long term relationship. Here are our reasons why recruitment is like dating:

  1. Someone has to make the first step
    It could be you have applied online directly, a recruiter has recommended you or someone in your network has recommended you apply. Much like dating, a referred candidate is often preferred and there is often an extra level of confidence in their fit for the role.
  2. You are stalked online
    Just like when you stalk your potential date on social media so does your potential manager and the recruiter. Whether you think it’s ethical or not, it’s true. Having advised many hiring managers not to view candidates Facebook or Instagram pages they still do. Of course, you don’t need to be reminded that although it’s personal it’s also public information and please keep Linkedin professional including any comments you make. Remember, they will Google you so be sure to Google yourself before you start job hunting.
  3. You investigate through your networks
    Hiring managers and recruiters will ask about you in their networks. This could be they may know someone who has worked for the business you’re currently at or even a previous colleague. Much like dating referrals and recommendations give more confidence in your application.
  4. Your resume, like your profile, is your first impression.
    Your resume is the first impression you make, resumes are screened within a few seconds so make it noticeable, professional and clear. Outline your achievements, don’t exaggerate and honesty is always the best policy!
  5. You’re both nervous!
    Believe it or not a lot of hiring managers aren’t confident in interviewing and feel just as awkward as you do. Some find it hard to start the interview whereas others struggle with the questions. Be mindful that they are not professional recruiters and often go through interview training to develop these skills.
  6. If things go well the first time, you will meet again
    If you get through the first ‘date’ you will most likely have a second interview where you might meet some ‘friends’. In other words, potential colleagues and team members you will work with or another manager. They can all play a part in the decision making and end result.
  7. There is a final outcome
    Finally, like dating, a decision is made if there is going to be a commitment to the ongoing relationship. This is the time where you either part ways or finances are negotiated and a start date is agreed upon.

Recruitment is like dating. There are many things to look out for before you commit.