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How To Win Over A Recruiter

  • 5 min read

So, you’re looking for a job? Join the queue mate. Literally! You know there’s a boat-load of people, just like you, looking for a job but these days, it’s far and few between that the person you’ll be working for is actually in charge of the initial process of getting you in the door. So how do you go about getting them to work best for you? Read on for… Read More »How To Win Over A Recruiter

Recruitment Is Like Dating 2048x1367

Recruitment is like dating

  • 3 min read

It’s all about finding the right person to meet the job and culture requirements but at the end of the day, you have to like each other and build an honest relationship for anything to turn into a long term relationship. Here are our reasons why recruitment is like dating: Someone has to make the first stepIt could be you have applied online directly, a recruiter has recommended you or… Read More »Recruitment is like dating

Woman Interviewing Man Peak HR Top Interview Tips 2048x1367

Top interview tips if recruiters were honest with you

  • 4 min read

Let’s be honest, we’re all told the same top interview tips to succeed in an interview: Research the company Ask the right questions Dress professionally Use the right language Have references ready Always use workplace experience 2020 has been a challenging year and the way business is run, the hiring process, team structure, and the skills required to succeed have changed. Keeping that in mind, not only do businesses need… Read More »Top interview tips if recruiters were honest with you